Tuluwat Project

Tuluwat Project by the Wiyot Tribe

The Tuluwat project is an organization tasked with restoring the cultural heritage and ecological resources of the site of the massacre and its surrounding salt marsh. Their goal is to construct a cultural center open to the public, and to restore the site to once again be able to perform tribal ceremonies. In order to realize these goals, the Project first had to clean up the site, which had been the location of a ship repair facility from approximately 1870 to 1990. Tons of scattered metal, wood debris, and hazardous materials littered the land, along with several dilapidated structures and contaminated soil. The Project has been in the process of cleaning up the debris and pollutants left on the village site since its purchase. A vast majority of the metal and wood debris has been removed, all but three of the structures were demolished, and the most contaminated soil was excavated. The next steps are to finish the sheet piling for erosion control, rebuild the dock and bulkhead, and install a geotextile and soil cap over the site.


 copy and paste url for more information: http://www.wiyot.us/tuluwat-project