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Academic work about the atrocities that had occurred in Tuluwat on that February day in 1860 was already surfacing in the early works pseudo-anthropologist like the one released by Llewllyn L. Loud in 1918. This work not only touches on the events of…

Here is a picture of Jerry James, one of the few survivors of the Indian Island Massacre. He was found as an infant on the island in the arms of his dead mother. He grew up to become a respected leader within the Wiyot community and provided much…

This article describes the initial movement of surviving Wiyot members in the aftermath of the Indian Island Massacre. It describes the transfer of a mixed Native American tribal populations around the Humboldt Bay, referred as “Indians of the Bay”,…

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Article describes brutal attacks of Indian Island Massacre. Full text written below.

"Our Indian troubles have reached a crisis. Today we record acts of Indian aggression and white retaliation. It is a humiliating fact that the parties who may be…
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