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Map of Humboldt Indian Massacres of 1860. Arrow points out Indian Island Massacre

The Humboldt Volunteers, or Humboldt Dragoons, were a militia company formed by residents of the Eel River Valley, at Hydesville, Humboldt County, California in early February 1860. Seaman Wright was elected Captain and E. D. Holland, First…

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Thesis report exploring the events leading up to the Indian Island Massacre. This paper will attempt to
determine if similar cycles of abuse/slaughter/relocation occurred throughout Northern California, or if Humboldt Bay’s massacre was a unique…

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Here is a video taken by a drone giving us aerial footage of what Indian Island looks like today. Footage for Indian Island starts at 2:30. Link is below

This newspaper article discusses an attack on Indian Island by local white men, resulting in the indiscriminate slaughter of the entire tribe at the rancheria, as well as several “Mad River Indians” passing through. It goes on to address the massacre…

Below is Eureka's letter of apology for the Indian Island Massacre also called the 1860 Wiyot Massacre. Below is the written apology by Mayor Frank J Jager, mayor of Eureka from Nov 2 2010 to present.

Dear Members of the Wiyot Tribe:


Here is a photo of Annie Sam, one of the few survivors along with her family of the Indian Island Massacre. Her sister Jane, a brother, and their mother all hid in the brush and escaped with their lives. Annie, who became blind at an early age, lived…

Here is a photo of Jane Sam, one of the few survivors along with her family of the Indian Island Massacre. Jane married Alex Sam, a well-known and well-to-do Wiyot from the mouth of Mad River. And in 1921 it was Jane who preserved the history of what…

Here is a photo of Indian Island as well as a plaque referring to the Indian Island Massacre. On the plaque it refers to the island as Tolowat (the Wiyot name of the island). Plaque is located on Woodley Island, in between Samoa and Eureka CA
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