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On January 5, 1855, miners at Orleans Bar established a policy to disarm the native peoples along the Klamath River. Upon the deadline of January 19th, a company of miners marched to the Red Cap rancheria and demanded their surrender. They were met…

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This is a newspaper clipping from the Nevada Democrat dated November 10, 1858: p. 2, col. 3.

Here is a song detailing the attacks of Indian Island. It is titled "Indian Island Massacre of 1860" by the Georgia Handshakers out of Arcata, CA.

This newspaper article discusses an attack on Indian Island by local white men, resulting in the indiscriminate slaughter of the entire tribe at the rancheria, as well as several “Mad River Indians” passing through. It goes on to address the massacre…

Lucy Moore Foundation seeks to create healing, understanding.pdf
Clayton Duncan created the Lucy Moore foundation (2000) in honor of his great grandmother. His grandmother, Lucy Moore, was six years old when she survived the Bloody Island Massacre. The foundation hopes to educate the public and memorialize the…

This source is a paper written by Rita Jacinto titled "Whilkut, White Settlers, Worlds Apart."

Yurok fisherman in the kalamath river in the year 1900.

"BE3"; "Copied from original in possession of, and thru courtesy of, Barbara Charles Eller, 281 E Street, Crescent City, California, 1970" on verso; notes about Aunt Maggie Charlie Seymour on verso || "Taken 1936, tribe Tolowa, Aunt Maggie Charlie…

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Same image as 1999.07.3110 but cropped a little. || For additional information, see the Heuer Photograph Collection description.

A Newly Constructed and Improved Map of the State Of California
Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Shows drainage, counties, roads, etc. Covers also Nevada. Wheat Gold states it shows many more mining camps than any of the 1850 maps and "It is quite similar to Butler but discloses somewhat better…
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