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Young woman modeling a headpiece, deerskin skirt and apron, hair wrap, money and other necklaces and feathers. The deerskin skirt and apron have shells attached. This is traditional regalia of the Tolowa culture || (Joy Sundberg)

This article, which went into print exactly one hundred years after the events of the Bridge Gulch Massacre, details some of the area’s rougher characteristics during it’s early days as a mining town. Included in the text is a brief account of…

Conflicts between miners and native people and a policy of disarmament led to violent skirmishes ***********NOT DONE

Indian Wars Northwest.PNG
On January 5, 1855, miners at Orleans Bar established a policy to disarm the native peoples along the Klamath River. Upon the deadline of January 19th, a company of miners marched to the Red Cap rancheria and demanded their surrender. They were met…

This is a picture of a Yurok man fishing for salmon on the Klamath River at the town of Kenek.

Center view Spinas collection including baby basket, grinding basket, large storage baskets, hats and other items.

The dimes are no later than 1873. The Bugle beads are all of the same color. From the Tolowa tribe. || From Natt Collection (Joy Sundberg)

A group of Tolowa peoples visiting with Ms. Brown and talking amongst others while cooking Salmon.

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