Region of the Whilkut

Map of Whilkut territory.

This map shows the state of California, but more specifically the territory of the Whilkut. A very small portion of Northern California in Humboldt County is highlighted in the color red. This map should give viewers a better representation of the minimal amount of land that the Whilkut people actually inhabited.

Athabascan Groups Map

Whilkut Occupation - Click on image to view larger

This map shows the specific region of Northern California in which the Whilkut people lived. This map displays the territory in detail and also includes the surrounding territories of other native tribes that also spoke Athabascan languages.


Map of Villages and Camps of the Whilkut tribe Key for the Whilkut village map.

This is a map of the Whilkut villages and camps. A key is provided below to study the map in more direct detail.

Region of the Whilkut