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Humboldt Times Newspaper Clipping

Humboldt Times newspaper clipping quoting the Trinity Journal

"Mad River Indains - Sam King just in from Eel River informs as that the Indians have made an outbreak, and that the trail to Humboldt Bay is not safe to travel. Some days since the whites pursued some depredators, and killed twelve of them on Mad river. A while before Mr. Sanborn was pursued by the red devils, and has ceased to travel the trail. Exermination will be their fate." - Trinity Journal

"No attack had been made upon the Indians on Mad river when the above item was written. Will the Journal tell us where it was that Mr. Sanborn was pursued; and how near they were to catching him. We believe that gentleman had company coming and going over the trail who are ignorant of the 'pursuit.'"

"Battle with the Indians on Mad River" newspaper clipping

Trinity Journal Newspaper clipping

"Battle with the Indians on Mad River-We recieved a letter from Capt. Messeo, of the Indian fighters, on Saturday evening, bringing the intelligence that an engagement had taken place. On the arrival of the company at Pardee's ranch, they found the buildings burned, and that most of the stock had been driven off. Ascertaining the route which the Indians had taken, as soon as a preparation could be made, Messeo started witha small party, in pursuit, and came upon their camp about eight miles above, on Mad river. The Indians were fired upon - eight killed, several wounded, and five taken prisoners - two of whom had since died from their wounds. One man belonging to the company was wounded by a rifle shot. His name is John Harpet, from Canadian Bar, Trinity river. The ball entered below the collar bone, and came out near the spine. The wound is not believed fatal." - Trinity Journal.