Bald Hills War

Bald Hills

An image of the Bald Hills today

This is an image of the Bald Hills, which is located in Humboldt County. This is where the infamous "Bald Hills War" occurred between the years 1858-1864. The war was fought amongst California Militia, U.S Army, and numerous Native American tribes including the Whilkut people.

Fort Locations of the Bald Hills War

This picture displays the forts of the California militia, during the Bald Hills War. 

The "Bald Hills War" took place between 1858 to 1864, where the California Militia and local volunteers were assembled to wipe out the tribes in the neighboring area. As seen in the picture, the number of forts were systematically placed in distinct areas for the war. 

General William C. Kibbe was appointed as the general for the California Militia, and established the Trinity Rangers, who were the final blow to the Whilkut.

See Journal #2680 under Additional Information for more on the Trinity Rangers.